Visitor Information

Incoming Groups

Please consider the following if you plan to visit us in Barbados:

What immunizations do I need?
Immunizations beyond what you already have for Tetanus, etc. are not required. Barbados does not typically have cases of Malaria and other tropical diseases.

What should I bring?
Bug spray, battery powered fan, toiletry items, bedding (including pillow), Bible, swimsuit, flashlight, towel, camera, water bottle, hat, sunscreen, passport

What is the dress code?
The expectation of WISE is for visitors to be wearing the same type of clothing that is expected of students at the school.
Guys - If working on construction or a work project, work clothes are great (i.e. tennis shoes, t-shirts, shorts or jeans); things to get messy in!
Girls - Skirts to at least your knees and a modest top. No spaghetti straps or revealing clothes. If you go swimming, please remember modesty and our example is important, so a one-piece for girls at the beach is a must. This is not to be mean, but to remember the purpose why one would come on a missions trip and the example we are to be to the students and members of the community (not of the pulse of the American culture but of Christ).

Church - Gentlemen need to wear khakis or dress pants to church along with a collared shirt. Ladies need to wear skirts or dresses with a nice blouse. Church here is where everyone wears their best.

How much does it cost?
Your airfare to Barbados plus $350 to the mission for a week stay, which can be sent before you come to the WISE address stateside. That money will help cover each person's three meals a day, electric/water, etc. for the week as well as helping cover other costs such as the work being done by your team.

Visitors should be aware of the protocols for entering Barbados during the Covid pandemic. Currently, Barbados requires all visitors from the United States and many other countries to travel with evidence of a negative Covid PCR test, administered not more than 72 hours prior to arrival. If you have been fully vaccinated and provide evidence of such, you will not need to quarantine for an entire week, but likely one or two days while awaiting results of a further test administered upon arrival. For more details about travel requirements, contact us at WISE or search the web for the Barbados travel protocols.