Student FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tuition costs?
The current tuition costs are $50 US per term. Thousands of students from around the Caribbean are deprived of a Bible College education due to lack of funds. WISE was designed to help those deprived students gain Bible knowledge through the wise use of funds of other dedicated workers. Most of your tuition and sustenance are provided on a work/study basis, and your participation and cooperation with the cooking, cleaning and other matters of school upkeep is required.

The tuition fee must be paid to the school in BD (Barbados Dollars) or in US currency before the end of each term. Payment must be in cash and students who are unable to pay the tuition fee before the end of the term may forfeit their ability to continue classes into the next term.

When do classes begin and how long will it take me to complete my training?
Classes begin the first week in September. Training can be completed in one, two, or three years depending on your chosen program and academic performance.

Is church experience a prerequisite for enrollment?
Yes, it is also important that you maintain an intimate relationship with God and involvement in your local church.

Do I need any previous academic requirements to enroll?
No specific academic background is required. All you need is a desire and commitment to God and the development of his Kingdom. You also need the ability to maintain satisfactory levels in your studies.

What do I need to bring with me?
Personal effects and bedding which include - sheets, towels, pillow, pillow case, personal items, clothing, etc.

Can anyone from any denomination attend the school?
Yes, as long as you are open minded to learn the word of God and make necessary changes where those beliefs are concerned.

What will I graduate with at the end of my training?
You will first and foremost graduate with a better understanding of God's word. Depending on your time here and/or choice of program, you will receive a 1-year Bible Knowledge Certificate or a 2-year Associate in Theology degree.

Do I need to buy any extra books?
No, you will have textbooks to use while you are here and return when your classes are finished. If you want to purchase a copy of the books used in class for your own personal use, it will be your own responsibility to find and purchase them. The school will not provide them for purchase.

Will I be able to go home during vocation time?
Students may be permitted to return home on holidays at their own expense.