Our History

Since 1979

CollegeBob and Jackie Muter went to Jamaica as missionaries in 1974 where the need for trained national leadership for the churches became very apparent to them. They were joined by Jeff and Jane Robertson in 1977 and the two families moved to St. Lucia in 1978. Windward Islands School of Evangelism began in St. Lucia in 1979 with two students pursuing a two year Associate Degree program in Theology. After spending only one term there, the School was moved to St. Vincent with nine students entering the second term. As time went by, the Curriculum was broadened to accommodate a one year certificate in Ministry and three year Bachelor's Degree in Theology/Christian Education.

The early years were spent in rented quarters, but building of the present beautiful campus began in 1988, and the completed campus was dedicated in 1998.

During the early years, the teaching faculty consisted of Bob Muter, Jackie Muter and Jeff Robertson. In 1982, Simeon Norton (Guyana) joined the faculty and in 1984 he and his wife, Beatrice (St. Vincent), entered Ozark Christian College to better prepare them for the teaching positions they would take up on their return in 1986. Shelly-Ann Phillips (Barbados) became Administrative Assistant and Computer Teacher in 1994. Lancelot Brooks (Jamaica) joined the faculty in 1996 and later he and his wife Lisa (Jamaica) also attended OCC to enhance their teaching capabilities. Cleton Burnett (Guyana) became lecturer, campus and student coordinator in 1999. Bob Muter, Director and Founder, went home to be with the Lord in 1998, and Jackie Muter followed him as Director. Jeff Robertson, Associate Director and Co-Founder, resigned in 2002 to join the faculty of Ozark Christian College. On January 1, 2006, Jackie retired from the Directorship and had taken up the position as Director of Resource Development, based in the USA, with Simeon Norton becoming WISE's third Director.

In 2011, the WISE Advisory Board appointed Brice and Amanda Wurdeman as the new Directors for the college (Amanda is the granddaughter of Bob and Jackie Muter). Previously, the Wurdeman's had served in Haiti for five years and moved to St. Vincent in January 2012.

In 2013, WISE began pursing an opportunity to start a satellite campus in Barbados to help reach more students and train more leaders. The satellite campus began in 2014 and was the door God opened to pursue something much bigger, which was the relocation of the school from its home in St. Vincent for 35 years. St. Vincent had seen the foundation and growth of WISE to where it is today and had served many great students over the decades.

In its first 25 years, WISE had produced 141 graduates coming from eight different countries in the Caribbean region. In addition, there has been a number who have not received a degree but have had some training. Graduates currently minister in approximately 60 churches in 14 different countries and are involved in ministries ranging from primary preaching and teaching positions to pre-school administration.

In addition to the on-campus program, WISE assists its graduates with advanced classes, evangelistic efforts, counseling and encouragement, through retreats, classes, evangelistic meetings and programs and personal visits in their various countries.

WISE looks to the future as we consider new programs and ways to add effectiveness to the ministry of our Lord in the Caribbean region and beyond.